About Us

The history of Audio Holdings dates back to its founding in 1976 by Terry Durkin in Toronto, Canada. Later joined by Cyril Hayes, and reformed as Durkin-Hayes Audio, the company was one of the pioneers in transforming print books into spoken word products. At its peak the Durkin-Hayes Audio catalogue had more than 1,300 titles actively for sale. In 2008, Audio Holdings purchased the assets of Durkin-Hayes Audio.


Audio Holdings is now re-issuing these works for the first time ever in digital format.


Our audio books cover such categories as arts & entertainment, children & young adult, the classics, horror, mysteries & thrillers, non-fiction, science-fiction, Shakespearian dramas, Sherlock Holmes, and more Westerns than cows in a cattle-drive.


You will also be entertained when listening to our many Hollywood and Broadway star readers such as Margot Kidder, Ed Begley, Jr., Joanna Lumley, Dick Cavett, Lauren Bacall, Robbie Benson, Rene Auberjonois, Stacy Keach, and Jerry Orbach, to mention just a few.


Audio Holdings heralds the return and revival of one of audiobook’s innovative companies.


Look for Audio Holdings and, naturally, listen to us, to continue that bold and original tradition in the years to come.