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Our Subject Categories

Arts & Entertainment
The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones and other modern music legends provide a compelling portrait of the complex and often troubled people behind the great music they created, in their own words and voices.
Children & Young Adult
Fantasy, fairy tales and classic adventures, narrated by Hollywood stars, are sure to keep you and your children entertained for hours in worlds of grand entertainment.
The greatest works of fiction by the best writers of all time, literature that endures, entertains and teaches us lessons for all times.
Are you ready to be scared? Really scared? Then you are ready for these stories of horror that will truly frighten you to death. But that is what you want, isn’t it?
Modern Fiction
Listen to great works of contemporary literature from authors such as Tennessee Williams or to modern fiction bestsellers from Peter Straub, Lisa Alther, Jim Lehrer, Malcolm Lowry and many others.
Mysteries & Thrillers
Solve mysterious murders after midnight in Toronto or discover the victim after the fog lifts from the beach on the California coast. These are stories from the most brilliant and deceitful minds who create the best listening in crime and excitement.
Learn about Ernest Hemingway, climb Mount Everest, be an FBI agent or infiltrate the New York mafia. We present true to life experiences, histories, biographies, self-help, sports and other events from the world around us.
Her heart was beating wildly as she realized he was her only desire. Our romance novels will ignite fires of true yearning and significance. Come and listen to unleashed and unrelenting passions.
Rumpole Of The Bailey
A barrister named Horace Rumpole, whose speciality is defending those accused of crime in London's Old Bailey. Leo McKern is Rumpole for millions of television viewers who enjoyed the Thames television series.
These plays are the thing! Is there anyone grander and better at showing us who we are than William Shakespeare?
Sherlock Holmes
Mr. Sherlock Holmes asks you to join him and his able assistant Dr. Watson as clues mount and solutions are brilliantly discovered. My dear listener, once you have heard just how I came to solve these mysteries, you will consider it just elementary!
Join us in conquering the American West, meeting farmers and cowboys, pioneers and gunfighters, the cavalry and Indians, rustlers and lawmen, hero and anti-hero, every type of person you can imagine who inhabited this wild and glorious land.